Approximately 70,000 Ontarians (adults and children) suffer from epilepsy and almost 30% (21,000) continue to have seizures even when taking anti-seizure drugs. 

In addition to taking part in ground breaking research, the Valiante lab actively participates in advocating for, raising awarness and contributing in dispelling the stigma and stereotypes that are often associated with epilepsy.

While we research cutting-edge techniques for those impacted by epilepsy using techniques such as electrophysiology, optogenetics, music therapy, and deep brain stimulation, we also believe community involvement and outreach are essential to making our work more meaningful and that it is critical to show support and solidarity for those impacted by epilepsy.

By participating in Purple Day, Purple Walk and annual epilepsy conferences, we as a team contribute not only to raising awareness, but we aim to provide an avenue for the public to learn more about our research and to ask questions.


Purple Walk for Epilepsy

In 2015, Epilepsy Toronto started their very own walk; a chance to walk in solidarity with others who care about epilepsy. In Auguest 2017, our lab joined many others in the second annual purple walk to show our support, same as the year before. The next Purple Walk for Epilepsy will be in June 2020.




Purple Walk 2019, June 15th




Purple Walk 2018, June 9th

Purple Walk 2017, Aug.19th

Fund Raising for Epilepsy Awarness - Bake Sale July 19th and 20th, 2017


Purple Walk 2016, Jun 26th


Purple Day

This is an event desgined  to raise awareness of epilesy. Inititated in the year 2008, people are encouraged to wear purple, a color often associated with epilepsy, on March 26. Cassidy Megan of Nova Scotia, Canada, motivated by her own struggles with epilepsy is the founder of Purple Day. Cassidy's goal is to get people talking about epilepsy in an effort to dispel myths and inform those with seizures that they are not alone.

Every year, Purple Day March 26th is a welcoming opporutnity where we as a lab come together with other researchers at Krembil Neuroscience Institute and hospital staff at Toronto Western Hospital to advocate for, and bring awareness to Epilepsy. It is also a chance to bring the public a rich and multidisciplinary experience of the types of  epilepsy related research taking place here.


Purple Day 2019


Purple Day 2018

Purple Day 2017

Purple Day 2016



Epilepsy Toronto Annual Conference

This conference hosted annually by Epilepsy Toronto, invites individuals and families directly or indirectly affected by epilepsy, to come and learn about the various services, resources, new innovations and opportunities available to them. Every year, there are new talks and presentations featured. It is also a chance for people to connect in a relaxed and open environment.

We take this opportunity in parterning up with Epilespy Toronto to provide a comprehensive display of the research taking place at the Krembil Neuorsience Institute. Interacting with the epilepsy community has allowed for a unique occasion for knowledge exchange.



Epilepsy Toronto Annual Conference 2019 - Road to Resilience : Practical Strategies to Seizure Management