The Rhyme and Rhythm of Music in Epilepsy

Epilepsy is among the most common chronic neurological conditions. The medical management generally involves prescribing one or more anti-seizure medications (ASMs). Unfortunately, some people are unable to obtain seizure freedom\adequate control from ASMs, or other treatment options such as resective epilepsy surgery, deep brain stimulation (DBS), Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), and ketogenic diet for any number of reasons. For this group of individuals, there are a number of alternative treatment options available, including a novel approach called “music therapy” which has received significant attention during the last decade. We are running a clinical research study entitled The Rhyme and Rhythm of Music in Epilepsy at the Toronto Western Hospital, aiming to understand the possible effects of music on reducing seizures based on promising evidence. Our long-term goal is to understand how to use music as an effective treatment option in reducing seizure frequency and consequently improving individuals’ quality of life.

This is a research study for individuals with epilepsy who are not obtaining adequate control of their seizures despite using a number of ASMs, in addition to being able to commute to Toronto Western Hospital for a number of study visits during a one year period. In this study, we will ask participants to listen to two different sound files once a day for around 7 minutes, during a six month period while documenting their seizure frequency in a seizure diary. We will also ask participants to visit the hospital five times in total during the twelve month period of the study intervention in order to obtain an Electroencephalography (EEG) examination of their brain activity as well as filling out two questionnaires. All examination sessions will take place in the Toronto Western Hospital for a duration of one hour.

In order to evaluate your eligibility to participate in this study, the Eligibility Check-list, provided on the second page of the “Information Sheet and Eligibility Checklist. Pdf ” file attached in here, needs to be checked by your referring physician (i.e. family doctor, neurologist). Please use the information provided at the end of the first page of the form in order to contact us after receiving the confirmation from your referring physician.

Download: Information Sheet and Eligibility Checklist.pdf